Vowel Sounds BINGO
Early Elementary Age

This is a great game for 2 to 4 players.  The picture shows (smaller than actual size) what two game boards will look like when printed.  There are two files to be printed, so there are 4 cards total, each one being different.  I have also made some blank cards to be used to make calling cards.  I chose words with the vowel sound in the middle of the word, but if you like, you can add words of your own that BEGIN with the vowel sound.

There are two ways to play this.  For younger children, they can cover all long or short vowels on the card that apply for each turn.  For example, if the calling card is GATE, they can cover all the long A vowels on the card (there are 2 or 3 of each).  Play continues until the entire card is covered which will mean that ALL players win!  Kids love to win and this version is meant to simply reinforce the vowel sounds.

Another version would be to choose ONE long or short vowel that applies for that turn.  There will be other words on calling cards to allow each of the vowels to be covered eventually.  Play continues until a player gets 5 in a row, either across, down or diagonally.

Variation:  You can have play continue until the entire outside edge of the card is covered, or both diagonal directions, or one column AND one row covered, etc.  So, depending on which vowel the player covers in any particular turn may either help them get BINGO or it may hinder.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view and print these files.  Get it free here.

Download the following files:

vowelbingo1.pdf  (380k)

I've added blank cards to add your own words.  You can either write the words or use a picture, be it clipart, stickers, or if you're really artistic, you can draw the pictures.

The vowelbingo1 and vowelbingo2 are the two sets of game boards.  Once you have downloaded the files, print them out on card stock and cover with clear contact paper, or have it laminated.  The blank cards can be printed on card stock, laminated and cut apart.

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